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Cinnamon Tree Press is not your average Publishing firm!  We publish Trackabooks — small, 5″x6″ books that are easy to read and are perfect for sharing insights & wisdom from amazing people just like you.  AND our books are designed to TRANSFORM your readers with every message you share!

Our Authoring opportunities come with a “built-in” readership because as a Cinnamon Tree Press Author, you gain the opportunity to reach a Global/Mobile audience with the help of a Professionally designed and developed Mobile App while also having the opportunity to contribute to our App’s growing Content platform!  This opportunity alone has  the unique potential to position you as a “go to Expert” in your niche!  

We’re looking for Coaches, Transformational Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Solopreneurs, business owners,  and Individuals who are seeking to share their message, brand and business with a growing audience interested in Personal Development AND in what YOU have to share with them! 

We are currently seeking 25 amazing Manifesting  Marvels to share a spot in our upcoming book Manifested Blessings:  Everyday people  share their Manifesting stories & secrets.  

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, we invite you to reach out to us and let’s have a conversation!   

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Take advantage of a unique marketing tool

Robert shares his insight

Robert Evans, Creator of the unique Trackabook and Trackacard system shares why this concept is so powerful and how you can become uniquely positioned to take advantage of it with Cinnamon Tree Press!

This isn't your everyday Authoring opportunity

And, we don’t publish your average, everyday books!    

If you have ever wanted to take your story beyond the print and digital book formats, THIS is YOUR opportunity!

This is were written word expands to meet a mobile audience. From anywhere in the World, your audience can be connecting with you from where ever they are and forming a relationship with you right from the convenience of a Mobile App!

Your story can appear in our easy to carry/store physical Trackabooks…just 5″x5″ in size, these beautifully designed and illustrated books are perfect for the “on the go” person who often finds themselves pressed for time.   


Our books are easy and quick to read, easy to carry with you AND most importantly, easy to SHARE!  As a matter of fact, we encourage SHARING!

That’s why our books include a Trackabook identifier code which when entered into our Trackabook Section on our FREE App allows your audience to share their thoughts about your book/story, reach out to you, become your raving fan when you share articles, videos, Journal lessons or more, even connect directly with you if you wish!

Imagine being able to interact with your readers, discover what they love about your work and even learn who has shared your work with their own followers, tribe or groups!  Imagine being able to connect with your ideal clients by simply sharing your work via our unique Trackabook opportunity!

But, that isn’t all!

Want to Earn Money

From every book you sell?

We provide our Authors with 100 copies of the book in which your story appears.  Our books sell retail for US$6.99  each which means if you decide to sell all 100 copies we give you when published, you can earn  US$699 (or C$932 at today’s Rate of Exchange)!! That means your investment in YOU and in this opportunity has just paid for itself with a little profit to boot!    But, that still isn’t the best part!  

We also offer our Authors Unique Opportunities


Podcast Interviews

The opportunity to be interviewed for one of our Podcast series as well as the chance to gain further exposure through other Podcasters interested in your story means added exposure for you, your business, and your brand! This is just one of the perks we offer our Authors as part of our Authoring Incentive package. We think that's pretty cool, because we are all about sharing the stage with others, but we aren't done yet! This is just us getting started! If you aren't certain this if for you, read on because we love to over deliver!


Guest Contribution

Very few Publishers today offer much beyond Royalties but we choose to be completely different! Along with 100 copies of the book your story appears in and the podcast Interview, we also offer our Authors the opportunity to be Guest Contributors through our Mobile App Partnership! Interested Authors are welcome to share their articles, videos, Q&A's, Journal Lessons and other content contributions to a Global audience already actively engaged in the content being delivered.


Special: PDA Profile

This special offer alone is worth its weight in gold! We've just increased this BONUS offer from a $199 Basic Profile offer (which is still a great option) to a FULL EXPERT PROFILE in the PDA App as part of this opportunity (a $500 Value!). You receive your very own Personal Development App Profile to go with your Guest Contributor status in the INSPIRED LIFE App being developed right now! That's exposure in TWO mobile apps!! Along with that, you also have your Bio, photo & Social Media links such as your website or Facebook group published along with your story. We want you to SHINE! But, that isn't all! We have plenty of opportunities still to come!

Join other Successful Authors who are taking their message to the masses using the unique Trackabook concept!

Access a growing, engaged and active audience and spread your message, Brand and Business globally! Not an entrepreneur?  Hobbyists, personal interest past times, this is a way to share with others who have similar interests, too.  What better way to share YOU!

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Today's Viral potential for authors comes in the form of a small but mighty 5"x5" full color, quality finish, professionally published book. This is the beginning of YOUR story...not the whole story...because there is SO much more to this opportunity! Are you ready to step into the future of publishing and discover how much fun it can be and where it can take you?

Trackabooks are adorable

Tiny but mighty....

Don't let its size of 5" x 5" fool you! This powerhouse book comes with a unique "superpower" known as the Trackabook system

Using the power of Barcodes, the incredible virality of Social Media and the uniqueness of the power of this authoring opportunity, this Trackabook opportunity packs a PUNCH unlike anything currently available in the traditional Publishing World today!

If you see yourself as a Trackabook Author, fantastic, we’d love to have you as part of our MANIFESTED BLESSINGS Journey!  If you can envision the POWER behind this concept to help you achieve much more than just sharing your story…and you can also envision your future where Trackabooks combined with the power of mobile Apps opens your reach to new places, new people and new opportunities,  we would love to take your message to a whole new level!  Want to develop your own Trackabook Authoring Opportunity?  We can help you with that when you’re ready!  The World is waiting to hear from you!


Share Your Manifesting Story

Reach audiences where they are!


Tracking the Authors


The Trackabook System allows readers of your stories to connect with you via the power of an App...where ALL the magic really happens! Each book has a Trackable number assigned to it and each Author is able to discover what their readers think of their story. But, that is just the beginning of the potential of this journey! Below are images from an app where readers of Live Your List and Step into Your Bigness Trackabooks are tracked in the PDA (Personal Development App). Tracking of your story in MANIFESTED BLESSINGS will work similarly, helping your readers begin their amazing journey of connecting with ALL that you offer!

Get to know us

About Us

and the future

We can't wait to welcome you!

Cinnamon Tree Press, a small Publishing Firm has partnered with an App development Company, a Publishing House and people just like you who are individuals, Coaches, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, Hobbyists, Bloggers, Lifestyle Influencers and everyday amazing people,  to deliver a unique way to share your stories with a Global & Mobile audience!  We know that if we deliver a unique product and support our clients to the best of our ability, putting your goals and aspirations to be a Global/Mobile Messenger at the forefront, we will ALL enjoy success!

Current Call for Authors

Bless_Mocklet (1)

“Manifesting is a very large and important part of who I am as a person.  I have been manifesting some pretty great things in my life, for most of my life,” says CEO and Founder of Cinnamon Tree Press, Judith Richardson Schroeder.  Over the last few years alone she has manifested opportunities that confirm the fact that manifesting is definitely not a coincidence.

Now, we are seeking Authors who, like Judith, have experienced the power of manifesting in their own lives and who have stories they’re eager to share with the World!

We believe the World is waiting for your stories and for your insights about how manifesting works, how it happens and how they can begin to manifest more in their lives as well.

Meanwhile, together, we are helping YOU manifest a whole new audience and way of reaching readers, clients, like-minded communities and MORE!

Coming Soon!


But, we aren’t just looking for Manifesting stories.  We’re going to be launching books that share your stories about Gratitude, Energy, Healing, the Power of Everyday Miracles and much more!

We’re also going to be on the look out for people who possess unique demonstrable gifts and who are sharing their gifts with the World in unique ways that offer change and transformation.  We want to change how YOU share YOU!

If you are an Author, or have ever desired to be one, or if you know others who would love to share their stories in book form and grow their audience through our unique offerings, please feel free to share our Site with them.  Thank you!

Beginning April 15-2019

With the Author

To begin our BUZZ creation, we’ll be conducting short 15 minutes VideoChats with Authors so they can share a brief overview of their story.  We would also love for you to share WHO you are and WHAT you do in the world.  Then, we’ll edit the videochats and send you a copy to use in your FB groups/pages/timeline, etc.  We will also use this videochat for PROMO purposes in our mobile App, The Inspired Life App, (TILA).  

We are thrilled to announce BUZZ Reel Interviews soon! What? You haven't joined us to be an AUTHOR yet? Hit the button below and let's get you started!! Schedule a chat with us, or if you're ready now, you can sign up from our Scheduling page, also. We'll see you soon!
Let Me IN!

Judith Richardson Schroeder Ceo/Founder

About Us

Cinnamon Tree Press has been a dream of mine for a very long time.  Finally, an exciting new way to share your stories with a Global and Mobile audience has arrived and it encouraged me  to share this very unique authoring opportunity with you!   It isn’t like any other authoring opportunity you may have seen before.  Cinnamon Tree Press is at the forefront of this movement to bring Authors and your stories to a wider audience and interact with your readers in a whole new way!

Our first book, Manifested Blessings is currently accepting Authors now and our upcoming Book Gifts of Gratitude will be accepting Authors soon.  To learn more about what we are offering and why YOU should consider being part of this opportunity, connect with me here  or from any of the buttons below or above this information!

As a serial Co-Author and a Published Author of my own book,  I have run the expanse of experience when it comes to sharing my stories.  I’ve paid very little to be a Co-Author and I’ve paid a thousand or more to be one in someone else’s compilation.  The experiences have ranged from little to no exposure, (some books I don’t even believe ever got published),   and I’ve had some amazing opportunities and experiences were I gained so much more than I expected.

It’s because of the widely varied experiences I’ve had as an Author, that I have always wanted to share unique Publishing opportunities with others.  But, I wanted those that were not only unique but actionable and value-packed. I wanted to share opportunities that would really help Authors gain the kind of traction from their Authoring experience that I know they can really enjoy.  

Now, with the uniqueness of your stories in an easily shareable book as the vehicle that leads people to a mobile App that builds communities from around the world, I have found an opportunity I know works! It delivers results in an amazing and unique way and I know this because I am a part of this concept as an Author, as an Expert, as a Speaker and as an APP owner! I see first hand not only in my own experience but in the experiences other Experts are having, that this new frontier of publishing is POWERFUL.  Now, I’m honored to share this concept with YOU!  Can you see the possibilities?

If you say YES, I look forward to having a relaxed, casual conversation with you, soon!

Kennedy Space Center, Dec 2018. I'm thrilled to be touching a piece of the Moon! That I was visiting Florida to begin with is a wonderful story of Manifesting on its own! What's a great Manifesting story you'd love to share with others?

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