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You are AMAZING!

If you're here you've probably already...said YES!

Hello, Messenger!  I am Judith Richardson Schroeder,  CEO and Founder of Cinnamon Tree Press Publishing and like you, I am a Messenger with a mission!  If you're on this page you've made the decision to say YES to the amazing opportunity being offered!  Let me share a bit more of the vision I have for Cinnamon Tree Press and the Authors who will be part of our Community.

Many years ago, I penned the name Cinnamon Tree Press  and began a blog.  With that name came a vision of what I wanted my future Publishing Firm to look like -- someday.  I wanted to help others reach audiences in new and exciting ways.  Be in touch with their readers in ways that at the time weren't even thought of.

Years passed,  and as I traveled different pathways in life I moved away from blogging and into the realm of Mentoring, Coaching and Client breakthroughs, but sadly,  my publishing idea took a back seat.  Way, way back!

But, as all Messengers know, great dreams never remain dormant for any longer than they are meant to.  In October, 2018 the Publishing Dream awakened in new and wonderful ways during a Transformational Leadership Retreat in Costa Rica that I had the honor to be part of.  It  reignited the vision of having a Publishing Firm that supports Global Messengers and helps them spread their messages to audiences world-wide -- in a way that works so beautifully with our "bite sized" attention-span World today!

 I'm so honored to have you here on the site of Cinnamon Tree Press Publishing,   home to a new movement of Authors  taking their messages globally and doing so in much less time than a full, traditionally published book would take.  You are now able to have a more succinct way of delivering your messages and reaching your readership who desire to know more about what you are doing, sharing, offering and being in the World.

I'm so excited to have this opportunity to introduce you to a vision that has been available for some time yet hasn't really been widely known about...and now, I'm working to share that vision with Authors who are ready to take front and centre alongside us in this movement!  If one of these New Frontier Authors is you - or someone you know - I can't welcome you warmly enough!

Cinnamon Tree Press Publishing has teamed up with a powerhouse group of individuals whose vision it is to bring a concept to market known as Trackabooks and Trackacards!

Like nothing else out there in the publishing world, these two unique Authoring vehicles allow you to become a powerful Messenger delivering your very own brand of publication direct to people who are eager to hear from you!  Who are captive to your message because YOU are delivering it in a way which resonates with them!

What makes this powerful is that you can track your books and your cards!  You can discover WHO your audience is, WHERE they are from, WHAT they are thinking about your work and WHY they are drawn to your message. Best of all, their desire to connect to YOU is easily achieved through an instantly accessible APP that allows your readers to reach out to you anytime with their smart device! 

I'm so honored to be a part of this incredibly dynamic publishing and Messenger Movement. 

Now, it could be the opportunity you've been dreaming of.  I hope that your being here now, reading this information is indicative of the level of committment you are willing to lend toward your stepping out of the SHADOWS and into the world of SHARING your brilliance!  If that's the case, and I hope it is, let's get you started!

With Joyful Gratitude,

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